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Commonplace Book 12/29: Drunk Shopping, Infrasound, Male Fragility

Drunk Shopping May Contribute $45bn to the US Economy

"Writers, editors and artists--tortured, oft-inebriated chroniclers of the human experience--are actually far less likely to drunk shop."

-- Zachary Crockett, "The 2019 Drunk Shopping Census", The Hustle

Reported Effects of Infrasound Exposure

(being for the benefit of The Old Forks Inn, episode six)

"Reported effects include those on the inner ear, vertigo, imbalance, etc.; intolerable sensations, incapacitation, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, and bowel spasm; and resonances in inner organs, such as the heart."

--National Institutes of Health, Infrasound Toxological Summary, November 2001

"As previously cited by (Goodman, 2010), it is documented that the frequency range of 7Hz is thought to instil effects of uneasiness, anxiety, fear and anger. (Walonick, 1990) reports in a experiment that below 8Hz had caused agitation and uneasiness for participants. Goodman also supports this, discussing, 'It has been noted that certain infrasonic frequencies plug straight into the algorithms of the brain and nervous system. Frequencies of 7 hertz, for example, coincide with theta rhythms, thought to induce moods of fear and anger.'"

--Ryan Littlefield, "The psychoacoustic effect of infrasonic, sonic and ultrasonic frequencies within non-lethal military warfare techniques", 2016.

[I don't care if this entire idea of infrasound is pseudoscientific; I'm writing fiction. Wibbly-wobbly ghosty-whosty.]

The 2010s Were All About the Banter

"[The harassing messages] built up and they all melded together into an inseperable rat king of threats. And if that rat king was forever sitting in my living room as a constant presence, I ceased to really pay attention to it. If I thought about it at all, I didn't think of it as something that could be stopped. I figured it was normal.

"Which is an incredibly inappropriate reaction. When people are telling you they're going to kill or rape you, it is not normal to just accept that as part of your day."

Forever I'm Haunted

It's That Time of The Year (for Reorganising One's Entire Life)

"Here is a simple formula about three things — Read Scripts. Watch Movies. Write Pages. — you need to do to expand and deepen your understanding of the screenwriting craft."

-- Scott Myers, "1, 2, 7, 14", Go Into The Story, 2012


(what is a commonplace book?)

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