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New Foster Child Profiles at El Salvador Blanco Family Agency

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Thank you for visiting El Salvador Blanco Family Agency! Our foster and adoption registers are currently bursting with unfortunate youngsters who absolutely cannot be reunited with their biological parents (if they even have them! Who knows?).

You could be the answer to their prayers for a loving family, even if you are not the answer to their specific prayers for a specific loving family whom they will never, ever see again under any circumstances.

Some of our latest waiting children include:

Violeta, age 3: This little lady charmed all onlookers at her recent immigration hearing, where she precociously represented herself! The hard-bitten judge was so dazzled he gave her a nickname: “Child 43”.

Carolina, age 11: A quick study, Carolina will begin reciting the names and telephone numbers of some people she claims to know as soon as you try to speak to her. Imagine how fruitful this talent could be when applied to Bible study! (Note: do not attempt to call the numbers Carolina recites, because they are fictional. Kids and their imaginations!)

Isaiah, age 8: Since arriving in the U.S., Isaiah has learned many things, including how to scrub a toilet, sweep a floor, and even make up a bed with “hospital corners”. He will ask you to inspect the corners very closely. He will watch you inspect the corners, trembling with excitement—or possibly anxiety. But we are pretty sure it’s excitement.

Paolo, age 4: Paolo loves to draw pictures! He especially loves to draw pictures of a lady he calls “Mama” over and over again, although he does not like to let go of them when he has finished them. Imagine how proud you will be when he one day draws YOU as his mama!

Miguel, age 14: Miguel is a challenging young man with a piercing gaze. He is currently under evaluation for a learning or speech disability, because in his English lessons he always says, “I am available for abduction,” when what he means to say is, “I am available for adoption.” He will need a well-disciplined, Godly home.

For some mysterious reason which we’re sure doesn’t bear examination, more and more and more children like these are flooding into our system every day. They need good Christian families like yours to train them up in the American way of life. A way of life which is based on justice, family values, and the fear of a righteous, wrathful God. (Wrathful against our enemies, of course. Not America!)

Best of all, when you foster children through us, the state will often pay your expenses and pay us a fee! Fill out the form on our page now to register your interest in fostering these very unfortunate children. Have a blessed day. #familiesbelongtogther #abductednotadopted #refugeeswelcome

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