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The Ancient Breed

Deborah wheeled the bins out to the kerb just after 5:00. There was a fine rain sifting down, dampening the brickwork on the drive. That...

'Tis the Season

Most Victorian Christmas ghost stories aren't interested in redemptive morality. They just want to scare the shit out of you.


I decided to try my hand at writing audio drama earlier this year. My friend Adam introduced me to the world of fiction podcasts about 18...

Sing, O Muse, Somewhere Else

I'm a few weeks into my MA program at the big local uni. Adjusting to the additional demand on my time proceeds more or less well, though...

Friday Afternoon Shop

This morning I went to the supermarket, slung a basket over my forearm, and loaded up on fresh food: spinach and mango and pineapple, red...

Sunday Blues

When I was a little girl there was a period when I spent Sunday nights in the grip of terrible sadness. I would lie on the top bunk in...

Veterans' Day (Obs)

Over the weekend, most of the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. In the U.S., November 11th used to be...

The Spiteful Patriot

Happy Election Day. There are so many, many excellent reasons to vote today. Because you have an inspiring new candidate running in your...

Visual Record: Things I Saw This Week

Birmingham, 30 September - 7 October Monday 1115 I am leaving my gym when I glance through the windows overlooking the pool. The...

Fresh Meat

Welcome to Sunday—a Sunday following a week that had a century’s worth of news in it. For many of us, it’s been a week that took us all...




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